About me

"Ain't no celebrity pond-life ever gonna tell you a story like Glynis's - not now, not ever" - Daniel Meadows, Creative Director, BBC Wales

It’s odd how I’ve ended up here, really.  There I was at junior school, writing some story about a circus, then on to seniors where I read voraciously and wallowed in English Lit … then nothing. For years I never put pen to paper. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and I found myself on an Arts Council project. Creative writing workshops took over my life and, before I knew it, I’d ditched the day job and ended up running those instead.

Thinking ‘better late than never’, I enrolled for the degree that should have followed those Eng Lit years, and emerged – six years of Monday nights later – with a First in Creative Writing.    

So now I write all sorts. I’ve come fairly close with the Bridport Prize a couple of times – a poem shortlisted and a short story longlisted - and I've run workshops in countless places, including the West Yorkshire Playhouse, the Bronte Parsonage Museum, and at Ilkley Literature Festival. I’ve also contributed to resource books on therapeutic writing and scriptwise I had a film short screened as part of Leeds International Film Festival and another on BBC1.  

Prose is still my first love, especially creating characters and then seeing what they get up to. My crime novel’s on a slow burn, but I'm OK with that.

In between it all, I still read book after book. Now that I write as well as read, I get double the pleasure out of them, because while I’m enjoying the story I’ve also got one eye on all the writing techniques. It’s like balancing on a wire.  Come to think of it, a bit like a circus act.