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How do you create characters your reader can believe in?  We’ll be looking at different ways of conjuring them up, developing them, and finding out all about them, from what they eat for breakfast to what they wear in bed.

If you’ve never written before, or your characters come out ‘wooden’ or stereotyped, then just experiment. Bring your character to life and see what they do – they might well surprise you.

Dialogue, Pace and Point of View

If your characters stay stubbornly silent, then let’s get them talking. We’ll also look at ‘he said/she said’ and layout.

Dialogue is just one of the ways of increasing tension or slowing things down, as well as moving the narrative along. If you’re mystified by all of this, or struggle with point of view, this workshop is for you.

Diving In

Do you enjoy unexpected challenges?  Today’s workshop – fuelled by a cappuccino or two – is the buzz for you.  Today's theme is Randomness. 

You might end up writing as an animal, an alien, a pop-up toaster … who knows.  Step out of your comfort zone, hit the ground running and simply see what happens. You can always go back to ‘safety’ again, refreshed and inspired.

This workshop is also a good cure for self-editing and pondering about Using The Right Word … there’s no time for it!


You have your characters, you know what you want them to do, but where are they going to do it?

Perhaps in your mind’s eye you see it all clearly, like a film or a TV drama, but how do you get it from your head onto the page? Or what if everything’s happening in a void?

This final workshop will help you create realistic settings, whether it’s a tiny kitchen, a moving train, or a hilltop.

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